Carbamide Peroxide

Carbamide Peroxide
Carbamide Peroxide is an excellent teeth whitening product for shelf life items, where refrigeration is not possible. For instance on a drug store shelf in a teeth whitening kit. Carbamide Peroxide is approximately 1/3 the strength of Hydrogen Peroixde and is not recommended for chair-side application. Carbamide Peroxide has a lengthy chemical bond similar to a shell covering a nut. The shell must break down to release the hydrogen peroxide and this takes time away from the chair-side treatment. Since it must break down into hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the stain in the teeth, it is preferable to start with Hydrogen Peroxide for chair-side application from the beginning. This is why Dentists and professionals do not use Carbamide Peroxide if they are knowledgeable. The advantage of course to Carbamide is the long shelf life and it requires no refrigeration.
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