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We produce customized kits which can contain your selection of components, and offer custom printing with your logo, for small minimum orders. Some of our examples are shown but don't hesitate to inquire what we may do for you. Custom labeled kits are not eligible for refunds. 15% restocking fee applies to non-defective returns, all gel products must be returned within 7 days of purchase to be eligible for any refund and must not have been opened.
This light uses your smart phone as a battery. It comes with 3 prongs to use with Android, iPhone, and USB compatible. The kit has 3 brush click pens of 35% carbamide peroxide which does not require refrigeration so the kit can travel with you. Others have this same kit prices at $129.00 and it is the same manufacturer. This Kit comes with the 3d plastic shade guide shown elsewhere on this site under shade guides. Act now.
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Smart phone light kit
This accelerator light will fit iPhone, Android, or USB. Single prong interface is also available if preferred. The kit comes with all you need for a professional whitening. The kit contains 2 twist pens of 12% hydrogen peroxide, 2 oral brush-ups, 2 vitamin E swabs, and 1 see through plastic shade guide with before and after check boxes to monitor progress of shade improvements. Click on photo for more information page.
Price $39.95
Professional Dental Kit
Kit comes with: 1 35% Hydrogen Peroxide 3 ML syringe with tapered tip 1 Gingival Blocker with steel tip 1 cheek retractor 1 brush-up, 2 vitamin E swab, 4 cotton rolls 1 complete instruction sheet Note: To extend shelf life this gel must be kept refrigerated.
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10 Twist Pen Kits
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This is the same as the cheek retractor kit but it comes with a twist pen aka dial up pen instead of a syringe. Contents include 1 twist pen filled with your choice of Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide, 1 cheek retractor, 1 bib, 1 3D plastic shade guide, 1 vitamin E swab and 1 oral brush up. All are included in an attractive Mylar pouch with instructions on the label. Private labeling is available. Ask for details.
More Details+Price $99.95
Please select your choice of fill for the kits. Only one choice per order.
Cheek Retractor Kit
Our kits can be customized to your liking with custom logo and label. These are examples of some of the more popular kits. This kit includes: 1-3 ml syringe of your selection from the pull down menu 1-cheek retractor 1-professional application brush 1-full size bib 1-brush up 1-vitamin E Swab for dressing gums 1 Instruction sheet 1-3 D plastic shade guide If you wish to add Private Labeling or Labels please purchase on the website and send you logo to us. Note:  To extend shelf life this Hydrogen Peroxide must be kept refrigerated.
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Soft Flex Mouth Tray Kit
Our kits can be customized to your liking with custom logo and label. These are examples of some of the more popular kits. This kit features a flexible soft tray with material that will remind you of a gummy bear. It will hold tightly to the teeth with no need to make an impression. Just apply gel directly to the tray arches and insert into mouth. Kit includes: 1-3 ml syringe of either USA made 12% Hydrogen Peroxide or 35% Carbamide Peroxide. Stronger gels are not recommended with mouth tray. 1-soft tray 1-full size bib 1-brush up 1-Vitamin E Swab for dressing gums 1-paper shade guide. Apply the gel in a thin line across both arches. It does not take much. Gel should stay refrigerated to extend shelf life.
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Note: You must indicate your choice of percentage strength. Call for other percentages desired. Same kit is also available with cheek retractor and brush instead of mouth tray. Call or email to change preference.
Red Carpet Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit Box
Red Carpet Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit is available with any combination of teeth whitening items included and also available with customer logo.
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Tan N White
Excellent point of purchase item for tanning salons. This ready to go kit comes in a clear pillow case box with hanger hole for display. The contents are: 1 cheek retractor 1 clear dial up applicator with brush 1 brush up 2 desensitizing swab 1 clear zipper pouch 1 round paper shade guide 1 instruction sheet All the customer needs to do is insert the cheek retractor, brush up the teeth with the brush up and apply the gel while they enjoy their tanning session. When they are finished they can carry the kit in the handy zipper pouch. Custom labels are available for your company's logo and art work.
Price $9.95* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.
Customized Label available adds $1.00 does not include art work
15 ml dropper and powder
35% Liquid HP with 2 Mixing Powder Pots
Please note: This is a set. It comes with 1- 15 ml dropper bottle of 35% hydrogen peroxide and 2 pots of mixing powder. This is easy to use, Mix the liquid with the powder to make a paste and brush on the teeth to whiten. One bottle of 15 ml should mix two pots of powder. Hint: Take a small bowl and add very small amounts of liquid and powder until you have the paste mixed to the viscosity you desire. Benefits: Much longer shelf life because the HP is not oxidizing the gel. Easy to use. Store the liquid in the refrigerator when it is not in use.
Price $12.00* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.


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