Custom and Private Labeling

We do private labeling. If you have something you want done that requires more than a stick on label you may contact us. If you want a printed label put on a silver mylar pouch you can purchase the labels along with the one time set up fee. PLEASE NOTE: We can only do label sizes which fit the labels we currently use on our products. We are happy to print your logo on them, but please do not expect us to buy special label sizes to fit your art work. If you wish to have this done, we can do it but you must contact us for a quote first.
If you want to have us do private labeling for you there is a one time fee of $35.00 to set up your art file into our labeling software. After that there is a printing charge of $1.00 per label printed, which will be attached to a silver foil bag. We do not do art work, so you will need to submit your art file in .jpg, pdf or preferably a .png file. If you know how many labels you will require you can purchase them on the drop down menu, if not we can send you an invoice. For instance, 10 of the 3 ml syringe in a silver pouch will require one label. The 5 ml and 10 ml syringes are packaged 5 to a silver pouch. This is for a stick on label, not silk screening. We can certainly get silk screening done for you. We do not put stick on labels on the individual syringes. However, if you want us to handle the silk screening you will need to contact us.
Private Labeling One-Time Setup FeePrice $35.00
Please select how many labels you wish to buy (includes one-time setup fee in price).
Reorder Labels More Details+Price $1.00


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