We have numerous lights available if you have a particular style in mind let us know. Lights are special orders and are not eligible for refunds.
Tulip Light
Tulip Light with 6 LEDs

A small palm sized light with a 6 led array that is powerful. As strong a light as the expensive floor models. This is all you need to use for a chair side application (including gel of course) to get teeth their whitest. Specifications meet or exceed any other light in its class and available on request. Note: The battery covers must be removed before the light will operate.

More Details+Price $19.95
Suit Case Whitening Light with stand
Great for trade shows and treatments where a stand is necessary. Light weight and convenient. Weighs 31 pounds Operating Valtage :100-240VAC.50-60Hz Wavelength range:390-490nm Powerful OSRAM blue LEDs, 36 W Led life expectancy : >50,000hoursg Gross weight:14kg Volume weight:13kg
More Details+Price $699.99
Suit Case Whitening Light with clamp
This is the same light head in a suit case, but with a clamp instead of a stand. Weight is 17 pounds. Operating Valtage :100-240VAC.50-60Hz Wavelength range:390-490nm Powerful OSRAM blue LEDs, 36 W Led life expectancy : >50,000hoursg Gross weight:7.5kg Volume weight:8.5kg
More Details+Price $699.99
Floor Model Whitening Light (LED)
This is one of the most flexible floor lights available. Almost any position can be obtained for the comfort of the client. Weighs 50 pounds. Specifications: 1. Power Supply:AC100-240V, 50-60Hz. 2. Power:50W; 3. LED Output: 2group; 4 pieces per group; 4. Wave length:420-520nm; 5. LED span:10000hours; 6. Brightness:10000mw/cm2 7.Weight:23kg
More Details+Price $899.99
Teeth Whitening Lamps, Beyond Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light
Beyond White Spa Accelerator-New in box
The premier light in the industry. Call for pricing. This light retails new for between $1899 to $2199.00.It comes with before and after brochure, 4 foot poster and protection goggles. Beyond is the one light that has a halogen bulb and can be replaced with ease. A great benefit when you have customers waiting. LED style lights are not easily fixed as the mother board must be replaced when the light goes out. LED lights will require sending back to the factory. Look on line for more information at to see more about this light. If you prefer a factory re-furbished used light, please call for pricing. 25 free gels of syringes are included with the purchase.
More Details+Price $1,895.00
Dual Function LED with stand
The is the light and stand together. The dual function light can serve as a great portable whitening light and curing light for gingival barrier photo iniated resin. The light gives 450-48-NN and has a life span of 10,000 hours.
More Details+Price $349.99
Dual Function LED for whitening and curing
This light is portable and serves dual functions of both whitening and curing. Excellent for hand held and mobil whitening jobs. Produces wavelength of 450-480NN of blue light and a brightness of 250mw/cm2.. Contains two rows of 8 each led lights. This light is very high tech but very small. The whole box will fit in a glove box of an automobile. Please be aware this is not a piece of furniture, but a powerful light just the same and excellent for Dental offices where space is a premium or mobile operators. Light is not in stock, and takes about 2 weeks to deliver.
More Details+Price $279.99
Curing Lights
This is a hand held battery operated light which will cure the gingival blocker. It is available in three colors. Please make sure you specify your preferred color.
More Details+Price $129.95


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